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Tennis Courts

Merritt Tennis Court & Track Systems has the expertise and experience to meet all of your tennis court construction needs, from designing and building to resurfacing, renovation, and repair of existing courts. We can build post-tension tennis courts that will last longer than typical concrete courts. We can repair and resurface any existing tennis court surface, whether it is a concrete or asphalt court, we will provide all hardware, including net posts, windscreens, nets, etc. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all of your tennis needs in the state of Oklahoma. We also construct IAAF-certified running tracks.
Tennis Court Construction
Is your tennis court beginning to fade? Are there birdbaths all over the court? Is the concrete beginning to flake off? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be time to repair and resurface your tennis court. Resurfacing is a cost-effective way to bring back the beauty and restore your court. It is important to note that all structural cracks will come back. If your court has a lot of cracks and structural problems, an asphalt overlay or concrete post tensioned overlay may be the best options. Merritt only uses the best products available for surfacing courts. These include Plexipave, Advantage, etc.
Tennis Court Resurfacing
The following is our process to resurface a court:
  • Power wash and clean the court of loose debris, dirt, and algae.
  • Rout and fill cracks.
  • Scrape and remove loose coatings.
  • Patch all existing low areas or bird baths with court patch binder.
  • Squeegee-apply one filler/finish coat of acrylic resurfacer to level out the surface.
  • Squeegee-apply two coats of textured world class acrylic color coatings.
  • Mask and paint 2” white lines per USTA regulations.
Tennis Court Process
Post-tensioned concrete is the preferred method for new tennis court construction and rebuilding of old tennis courts. Merritt specializes in post-tension tennis court construction and can deliver a complete turnkey tennis facility. A cost-effective way to restore an existing court in bad condition is to do a concrete post-tensioned overlay. This prevents you from having to tear out the existing courts and allows for a brand-new surface.
The following are the reasons why post-tensioned tennis courts are the best option when it comes to building a tennis court:
  • Ability to span unstable soils
  • Increased resistance to settling and/or heaving
  • Elimination of cold joints around net posts and fence posts
  • Better uniformity of play
  • More controlled slope for drainage
  • Stable, attractive concrete edge
  • Lower maintenance costs. This is important if future access is limited by landscaping, structures, etc.
  • Eliminates the potential liability from structural cracking
  • Ability to construct over existing courts, thereby saving valuable resources associated with demolition and disposal
Here is a link to Tech Con our cable supplier that explains the benefits of post-tensioning:
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